Jerry Spiller

Maker, Teacher, Storyteller

Yafu the Mummy from Spiller's Boggy Down

Jerry's swampy tale Boggy Down premieres soon!

Jupiter drawn with ActionScript3's Graphics class and a mask

Jupiter in code, drawn with AS3's Graphics class and a mask

Decoder Ring article screenshot from Against the Grain


Jerry's recurring column on digital storytelling and libraries, Decoder Ring now appears in the quarterly academic library journal Against the Grain.

Solomon Grundy poster

Arborea gets weather, thanks to PHP, RSS and Jared Smith's GitHub share of CharlestonWx!

Solomon Grundy poster

Solomon Grundy poster

I'm Jerry. I'm a creator.

I'm also an educator of other creators. I teach Web Design and Interactive Media at the Art Institute of Charleston. Among my research interests are narrative and linguistic structures in information design. I love Joseph Campbell and I read a lot of comic books.

Current Projects

  • Working on the new comic (#wip!). Hope to have a the first sequence up soon.

Current Teaching

  • Conceptual Interactive Design
  • Digital Color Theory
  • Digital Illustration